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Sohail’s Story, Part 4: “We Are Not Animals. Please Feed Us.”

Toward the end of August, I got a series of inbox messages from Sohail. His desperation gave way to frustration: Pray for us. It’s very easy to say that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. But in reality, no one knows the real teaching of God. We are in trouble due to our faith and […]


The People’s Pope: Pope Francis Visits the U. S.

A Fiat. In an age where Rev. Creflo Dollar comes under fire for saying he needs a $65 million jet to fulfill God’s calling on his life, Pope Francis – the worldwide leader of The Holy Catholic Church – rides in the backseat of a Fiat. I LOVE this guy! The Pope landed on U.S. […]


Sohail’s Story, Part 3: Partners With The Persecuted

As mentioned in Parts 1 & 2 of this series, I had done enough research to see that Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand are not only struggling to survive, their plight is largely ignored. And yet, I still wasn’t sure about Sohail — whether he was truly who he said he was or if he […]


Sohail’s Story, Part 2: No Place for Refugees

Sohail sent me this news clip from a nonprofit agency called Partners with the Persecuted. The clip showed me that crisis of Pakistani Christians in Thailand is real — and largely ignored. So the problem is this: If you are Christian — or really, anything other than Muslim — in Pakistan, your life is in […]


Sohail’s Story, Part 1: “Pray for us and help us, please!”

Since late July, I’ve been in communication with a Pakistani Christian named Sohail Nelson. His story is powerful, sad, compelling. I have looked into how to help him and others like him but to no avail. So perhaps my role at this point is simply to share his story, to bring awareness to a problem […]


Weathering The Storm

If you are going through something right now, something that scares you, here’s the main thing you need to know: God is with you, right now, right in the midst of it. Now, if you’re from the “I expect God to fix this situation to my satisfaction, and RIGHT NOW!” mindset, well, you’ll probably be disappointed. It is through tough times that God molds us, and the more rigid and close-minded we are, the more likely that the molding must be done with a hammer and chisel as opposed to the gentler molding of pliable clay.


Too Busy For God?

When I relaunched this site a few months ago, I had every intention of posting regularly, introducing you to some of my favorite friends and spiritual teachers and launching several new ventures here on this page. But it hasn’t quite gone that way.We have had some successes — namely our first webinar, “A Living Prayer, […]


An Essay on Illusions

Messenger’s Note: Hazel Delara is a longtime friend of this project and writes beautifully about a lot of things. I plan to share more of her wonderfully peaceful writing here, along with some wonderful photos of her native land, The Philippines! — LES “If we see others happy from doing or having something, our minds […]

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