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An Essay on Illusions

Messenger’s Note: Hazel Delara is a longtime friend of this project and writes beautifully about a lot of things. I plan to share more of her wonderfully peaceful writing here, along with some wonderful photos of her native land, The Philippines! — LES “If we see others happy from doing or having something, our minds […]


May God Give You Kindness and Grace

May God give you kindness and grace for those who step on your toes. May He give you holy and humble confidence in the presence of those who misunderstand you. May He give you love and forgiveness for those who hurt you and miss you completely. And may His love spill over you till you […]


@AMFGPrayer — July 7, 2015: Little Things We Take For Granted

Friends, please pause a moment to pray for the souls who have posted below. Also, many others have asked for prayer, but requested to keep those prayers private. If God moves you to do so, post a word of encouragement in the comments section at the bottom of this page. If you are in need […]


LIFE is What We Make It

Messenger’s note: I have always said that I am “a” messenger, not “THE” messenger. If you are willing, God can bring a word through any of us. Case in point: God gave this to my brother, Pastor Edwin Smith of New Freedom COGIC, to share with you…. My Children, By now I AM sure that […]


The Supreme Court and Our Supreme Vision

Over the past week, the US Supreme Court has been issui […] [This is a brief intro to the article only. Click on the title to continue reading, post your comments and browse the web site!] Go To Conscious Bridge


“Wrong Church. Wrong People. Wrong Day.”

I grew up in the American South. I’ve been to many funerals at African-American churches. I knew that the homegoing services for Rev. Clementa Pinckney would not be a somber occasion. Pinckney was the pastor at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina — and one of nine black worshippers mowed down by a […]



INSPIRATIONAL STORIES ABOUT GOD’S CARING It was my mother‘s funeral. My mother was kind and supportive. She was always there when I needed her. And I knew that she prayed for me for my entire life. When she got seriously ill, my elder sister had a new baby and my younger brother was recently married. […]

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